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Meet Our Dentists

Paul Lefebvre, RN, DMD

Dr. Lefebvre (Le-fave) became a nurse before going into dentistry. While working as a nurse in emergency and acute care, he realized he wanted to go back to school to learn more.

Dr. L knew he wanted to stay in the health care field, and dentistry allowed him to take care of his patients right away.

“I wanted to make a difference looking after people. I love seeing their satisfaction when they feel good about their smile.”

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Anna-Marie Fumerton Turney, DDS

“My father used to tell me I could be anything I wanted to be and encouraged me to do the most I could with my life.

My interest in dentistry started in grade nine.

I liked having a healthy smile and enjoyed my visits to my dentist. I’ve always been artistic and enjoyed crafts and sewing. Dentistry strikes a great balance between creativity and medicine, so it was a perfect fit.”

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